Uses the results from aovPCAscores to plot the corresponding loadings.

aovPCAloadings(spectra, PCA, submat = 1, loads = 1, ref = 1, ...)



An object of S3 class Spectra().


List of pca results created by aov_pcaSpectra.


Integer. Selects list element submat from PCA which is a list of PCA results, each corresponding to the computation in aov_pcaSpectra.


An integer vector giving the loadings to plot.


An integer specifying the reference spectrum to plot, which appears at the bottom of the plot.


Parameters to be passed to the plotting routines. Applies to base graphics only.


The returned value depends on the graphics option selected (see GraphicsOptions()).

  • base: None. Side effect is a plot.

  • ggplot2: The plot is displayed, and a ggplot2 object is returned if the value is assigned. The plot can be modified in the usual ggplot2 manner.


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See also

An example using this function can be seen in aov_pcaSpectra. See also plotLoadings. Additional documentation at


Bryan A. Hanson (DePauw University), Matthew J. Keinsley.